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Fit Camp

45-minute sessions that are designed to challenge every aspect of your body & mind. We focus on working the whole body with strength training, cardio conditioning, and nutrition guidance to maximize your results! 

Personal Training

Training sessions can be  30, 45 & 60 minutes and you can choose how many times a week you want to attend.  We also offer group personal training up to 3 people.

Fit Kidz

Changing the tides of youth activity is our goal for our Fit Kidz Camps.  Our Fit Kidz Camp are for children between the ages of 7-13.  The focus is learning how to move for life with fun exercises & games. 


You've might have asked yourself in the past, where and how do I get started. I'm not sure what gym or program to choose based on the goals I am trying to reach. 

I don't know where to get started...

You've taken the first step, you found us! Let's get you in for a 7-DAY FREE TRIAL to show you our methods and hear about your goals. 

What is the right program for me?

Once we've had a chance to hear your goals and give you a "taste" of what we do, we'll help you decide on the right program for you. 

Is this for anyone?

YES, we work with everyone! We work with clients that haven't worked out a day in their life, and clients who are "fitness nuts" but looking for something new.

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We are your personal trainer, your fitness coach, your health counselor, your exercise teacher. In actuality, we are your guide on these destinations that we will go through. If you follow us, if you trust in us, if you stay consistent and give us your personal best, then you shall reap the rewards of life.



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Our team will motivate you in & outside the gym.  Everyone is certified and ready to help you reach all of your goals!  From proper form & nutrition, we’ve got you covered!

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Jamal is literally the best trainer ! I started my fitness journey 6 months ago and the difference is outstanding! I couldn’t do push ups at all and now I can easily do more than 50 at a time ! I no longer dread fitness and working out. He gives you meal plans , group sessions throughout the whole day to fit your schedule (which I love) and he is available for one on one training too! You won’t regret it !

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I love my trainer! She is understanding about my limitations but also challenges my ability. Perfect combination!

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This is probably the one place I have seen the biggest results! I never imagine myself in a size small but thanks to Jamaal I'm there. Jamaal is probably the best trainer I have worked with.

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